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February 03, 2011


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On a related linguistic note, and since I got my start naming stuff by coming up with band names, and since you brought it up, I thought I'd use this space to note that last week on Facebook, I saw my first all-girl rock band made up of ladies of my own vintage (40s-50s) named, of course, MILF!

You go, girls!


Hi Nancy,

I had an interesting conversation with my wife (born in Brazil) about the Brazilian inspired brands. Her opinion was that belabumbum is "wrong. Bumbum is masculine and would be followed by belo." ...I'll get back to you on Squeem.

The conclusion I draw, which I hope perhaps other underwear marketers will heed, is that the word "milk" is one of the most unappealing terms possible when used in connection with underwear - or pretty much any other product. Milk of magnesia, anyone?

Another product name you might consider for this hall of shame is "Fungals" - panties for young girls:


@Stan: From the fun guys who brought you Underoos®.

My friend, a dancer, wanted to start a leotard line called Leotardo da Vinci.

I took a look around on the Milkface website, and I kind of liked what I saw. How about the My Brest Friend nursing pillows? Not to mention the Boob Smock Cami. (Actually, there are a lot of garments with Boob in the name.) I think someone there is having a lot of fun.

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