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January 20, 2011


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Does the little bakery in the town of Yreka (pronounced "why-reeka"), California, count? You know, the Yreka Bakery?

I was sure that Evitavonni was going to turn out to be a competitor of Evite!

I'm Italian and to me Evitavonni sounds quite Finnish.

Naming your company backwards is just plain diputs

Neergs makes me think of nerds, not green. Categreens makes me think I woke up in a country with a language not my own. Most people just don't want to work that hard at learning to speak "Clever."

Nice that they unfollowed you, that's exactly how you want to leverage your social media presence - by not listening to people!

And finally, thanks for the backward/backwards explanation. I have never known which was right. Because my grandparents are Brits, I'm going to continue to say it whichever way I like.

Another one is Xobni, the Outlook plugin for searching your email and managing your contacts.

@Name Inspector: I first took note of Xobni back in 2007--
http://nancyfriedman.typepad.com/away_with_words/2007/12/naming-trends-o.html -- but you're right: I've never included it in a post devoted to ananyms.

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