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December 23, 2010


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That is a truly eye-watering laundry list of grievances. I've got to say that while Fashism was on thin ice in terms of taste, I think they got too many brickbats. What is the fashion industry, after all, if not a tribe of aesthetic fascists? But the NYT mag piece is a shocker. I expect Bruce Willis to get confused by the word "imminently" (see below), but not the NYT...

To add to the wretched "'Tis the season", I offer "It's that time of year again!" Ugh.

Thanks, Nancy!

I love you.

John McIntyre would forbid giving this reason for following his advice: If you see it in the Sun, it's so.

Considering the numerous spelling and grammar errors in copy and on products, I'm grateful you were able to keep your grievances down to just nine. :-)

You are right on the mark with this post!

I have a grievance, however, with Grievance the Seventh because the third sentence ends with a preposition. ("I do not, however, have warm feelings about a website called Fashism, which I’m not even going to link to.") Although there is no agreement among grammarians, I find this as annoying as a comma splice!

Sorry, Sheila, but your grammar "rule" is roundly deemed to be invalid.
Chicago Manual of Style calls it "an unnecessary and pedantic restriction." Garner's Modern American Usage says it's "spurious." Fowler's Modern English Usage calls it "a cherished superstition." Read more here:
And even more here:

The Coke ad could use an em-dash in place of the comma "Except fun -- try to ...".

In the spirit of "alot" and "yay" for "yea", the one I cannot get used to is "hehe" for a snicker ("hee-hee").

All this said, though, given the changes that people will actually learn to write all these things correctly (i.e., zero), letting 'em get to you is just a recipe for stress.

I'm with you on most of these but I think you're going too far with Grievance the Fourth. If the band's name is Inspite, the band's name is Inspite. Not In Spite, Inspite. And the album is Nevermind. If you're looking for the band or the album in a list on your iTunes are wherever and put the name in the search block with the space you're going to get an error message like "Search Object Not Found". Would you correct someone whose name was Mahony claiming it should be Mahoney?

Someone needs to do a public service campaign on how to write that cheerful word that people say so often in place of "hurrah"-- "yay!"
I see this spelled wrong more often that right. The most popular misspelling being "yeah," which implies more a sullen teenagers one-word reply than an expression of joy.
Loved the post!

Faldone: You misunderstood my intent--I said I don't care what the album's title or band's name is; poetic license covers the misspellings. But that poetic license does not apply to standard uses of the words in question.

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