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December 29, 2010


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I've always liked "Every time you X [Google yourself, forward a chain email, etc.], a kitten dies."

Another favourite media snowclone, with almost as many variations as a Rubik's Cube has combinations, is "The Mother of all X".

JT: I wrote about "Mother of All X" in a 2007 post about vodka advertising in the US:

I think fairy 'homosexual', specifically 'effeminate male homosexual', is entirely relevant to the ad: its implication is not just that Real Men don't use smiley faces, but that they are transmogrified into fairies if they do.

John: You've mistaken the SomeECards card for the ad. There's no reason "meeting online" in the Join.me ad should have implications of manliness or the lack of it. P.S. Please include your email address in the comment form or I won't publish your future comments.

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