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November 29, 2010


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This reminds me of when the Beatles Anthology came out on DVD. Appealing to completists, the set included an extra disc of footage that was not part of the original video set. Ringo Starr said something like (and I'm definitely parphrasing), "It's the same stuff, it's just more of it!" :-)

It also reminds me of my brother's response to claims of "never-before-seen footage" that is supposed to entice consumers. "How can it be 'never-before-seen'?" he asks. "The person operating the camera surely saw it!"

Remember that "fan" is derived from fanatic!
I'm a completist on certain old movie stars from the 20's,30's,40's. I want to see all their movies. If it's really nice, I keep it for future viewings. Otherwise, I watch a few times and pass it along. Hopefully, to a fanatical completist who will pay top dollar on ebay. :-)

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