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November 02, 2010


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Interesting. When I hear "Qdoba" I always associate it with "adobo," a Spanish word for a sauce often used in Mexican-style and Latin cuisines. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adobo

Isn't it the lack of a Qu combinbation (Quizno's) that's the confusing element?

Brett: I discussed "adobo" and other theories in my original post last week: http://bit.ly/coZlmS

Duchesse: "Qudoba" would risk pronunciation as "Kwidoba." In English, the /qu/ combination is followed by a second vowel.

What about Qantas, the Aussie airline?

Bonnie: Qantas is an acronym of Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services. It's pronounced "quantas," picking up the /qu/ pronunciation from the root word, Queensland.

Qdoba is easy enough to learn, and yet hard enough to dare the audience to do so. It has a slightly foreign sound but moves through the mouth, back to front, in a very playful and sensual manner. Adding the dipthon Qu would break the flow of the word. As a Linguist, I rather fancy Heckler was familiar with the potential of this sound sequence, and jumped at the first opportunity to employ it. "Adobe" is a common word with Spanish roots, and Qdoba wears nicely over the recognizable frame.

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