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October 25, 2010


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Nancy- In addition to the star gazing, it sounds like your trip was idiomatically successful as well!

As always, I am enjoying your blog.

Thank you, Nancy. I've never heard of this "consist," but now I will be prepared when I hear it at a business meeting. I tend to make gasping and choking noises at business meetings, so this should help me control that reaction. To your second point, you must have been distracted in April when I mentioned Wi-Fi: http://twitter.com/#!/EditorMark/statuses/11941549399

Most edified, Nancy. I adore train travel. The night train from Montreal to NYC is one more pleasure I recommend.

Hi Nancy, My 1st visit here via twitter. I'm so glad u came to PDX & sounds as though your trip was enjoyable. I must take the train sometime as it is how I 1st arrived to Portland when I was 4 yrs old. That was a mere 44 yrs ago. Time has flown.
Blessings, Lisa

Hello Nancy - I came here via your tweet on this topic. I started at Amtrak in '95, and learned this usage of consist then. I dealt with it in written form, so when I spoke the word in a meeting with the accent on the second syllable, there was an awkward silence in the room until I was gently corrected. I found your 1898 citation of interest, as my colleagues and I would have all guessed it was a term from the oldest days of railroading.

Glad you enjoyed your trip.

Wi-fi® is a registered mark, but did you know that Quiet Car® is too? Amtrak owns that one...

Wow, excellent find -- never heard this one before.

re: Wi-Fi -- this question came up among the editors at work just recently. More than one of us were (was, haha) surprised to hear that it's a trademark. Whether the trademark is enforceable at this point is a different question, tho; I haven't heard any evidence that the owner has been diligent about trying to corral its spread into the vernacular as a common noun.

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