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October 07, 2010


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Puns sometimes make me cringe, hence my pun-free blog title. But I adore Peter's choice, too, and these others are a hoot!

Love them all, but Achtuning really takes the Kuchen.

I love a good pun in a name, but they are few and far between. You have picked some winners. The only objection I would raise (and then somwhat with tongue in cheek) is that selling panties for $125 is the kind of thing the original Sans-culottes would send someone to the guillotine for. If you think of the original context of the phrase, this name is as tasteless as, say, a high-end liquor retailer marking its wares to African Americans under the slogan "I Have a Drambouie". The best kind of pun incorporates the meaning and context of the words it plays on, so Les Cents Culottes would be really impressive, in my view, if they were able to sell beautifully designed lingerie at prices the masses could afford.

As for the website of Les Cents Culottes, did you notice the French style of the spelling "San-Francisco"?

There's such deep, simple satisfaction in a good pun. I agree with Rolig, though about the price-name dissonance. Once suggested that a friend's dancewear company be called Leotardo da Vinci... but she didn't bite.

In the Mexican city of Zacatecas I happened across a flower shop named "Flor Elise," a great Spanish-to-German pun on Beethoven's "Für Elise."

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