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October 05, 2010


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It's not just your dirty mind.

That "t" is just insult to injury. Also, as "cubit" is a word in English, shouldn't I pronounce PubIt the same way? I shouldn't - but I will.

Meanwhile, Qsine IS ridiculous and Madewell Christian baffles me.

Nofing Way is pretty darn funny though. I initially thought the name might be related to the word "nof" in Hebrew, which means "panorama," but then I looked at the map to see where Red Feather Lakes was and am pretty confident there aren't too many Hebrew speakers there.

Qsine reminds me of what we called the terrible cafeteria food in college: queasine.
And it also rings of math class, as some variant of cosine.

Pubit seems to call for a long U, to which I say, Pube what?

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