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October 28, 2010


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Always odd to hear that a) something you took for local is national or conversely (as here) b) something you took for national is regional or local.

Anyway, this:

>"Which might make sense if this were a chain of Spanish restaurants."

I laugh. As if most folks made such keen distinctions. :-)

I have no idea -- but would amend your guess No. 2 to note that "barbecue" is still standard spelling at effete East Coast publications. Hence:

2. (Misspelled) Barbeque (’que) meets (misspelled) adobe!

Qdoba in Boston was just down the street from my former office. My co-workers and I wondered how to pronounce it and what it meant. How fun to see it mentioned again! Thanks!

The enterprise of the illustrious Qdoba family?

I love making suggestions, but this time I haven't a clQue .

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