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September 06, 2010


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I think Xeni Jardin (Her real name? Great Bond-villainess moniker!) should have depended a little less on her spell-checker, unless she was talking about young kids on the moon, not unionized ore-diggers (Happy Labor Day!).

That said, I'm a fan of a few filk hits - most notably "Mal's Song", an extension of Sonny Rhodes' great-but-too-brief opening theme from Joss Whedon's tremendous "Firefly". Instead of spoofing a popular song, it takes the cool, dusty, acoustic guitar song - just 50 seconds long - and uses it as a chorus, adding whole new verses with references to the show's mythology.



Thank you! NPR annoyed me a few weeks ago when they featured the word on Says You. The "correct" definition of filk was given as music from sci-fi films. WAY too simplistic. They ended up talking about how theremin music was filk. It most definitely is not. Theremin (Day the Earth Stood Still) and electronic tonalities (Forbidden Planet) are in a whole other genre, as the quote you include explains.

Shawna: I heard that "Says You" broadcast, too! And I had the same reaction you did: "Wait--what?" Unfortunately, the "Says You" website doesn't provide links to individual shows.

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