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September 20, 2010


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I believe Microsoft Windows has been filled for years with such engineering, aimed at Mac users - any time a MS engineer could make a choice that disempowers a Mac user, they took it, in many iterations of Windows.

It seems now that the two companies are all buddy-buddy (and Gates is no longer running every detail of the company) that this tendency has lightened up a bit in recent years.

Anyone else ever felt this way, or is that just leftover Machead paranoia?

This is comparable to the term "usability for evil" coined by Chris Nodder in his Sloan Review article, http://sloanreview.mit.edu/the-magazine/articles/2009/summer/50416/usability-for-evil/ , and exemplified using the 7 deadly sins as a typology at http://usability4evil.wordpress.com/ . I heard his presentation (packed room, and lots of verbal and non-verbal acknowledgement of these "anti-patterns" from the assembled masses) at Usability Professionals Ass'n meeting in 2009. Amusing and instructive!

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