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September 10, 2010


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Nice column. Thanks for the ink and the link!


Kind of makes you wonder what names and graphics they REJECTED, doesn't it?

"Kre8tive" sounds like something a high school kid would come up with.

Mefo.com: An internet site for rating people. I suppose this is meant to be a play on "Info," but the use of "me" suggests that users rate themselves for others to see. I was asked to invest in this company before it went live (originally called PeopleAppraisal.com) and passed. I'm relatively sure that was the wisest business decision I ever made.

Janet: "Mefo" is uncomfortably close to "mofo."

Nancy: Yes, it is. They probably should have included "mofo" in their list of ratables.

This is very funny... the Enterase name actually makes sense. Enterase in Latin means to find out, to be aware of. Which is close in spelling to Esterase. However completely different.

Wilson: Thanks for the translation. "Enterase" may make sense to Latin scholars, but it doesn't communicate meaning or benefit to the English-speaking hoi polloi. (And how are we supposed to pronounce it?) I still say it's a #fail.

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