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August 25, 2010


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And don't forget Onan . . .

Maybe Schumer deserves a hearty perjorative but that kind of situation just illustrates why a person (especially politicians & celebrities) surrounded by cameras should keep their vocabulary slang free. Use precise language: either call him an obnoxious idiot or stick to straightforward talk: "I believe my opponent is misguided on this issue because [insert fact]."
Remember when Theresa Heinz (aka Mrs. John Kerry) called some group of people "scumbags"? The generally accepted meaning is a contemptible person, but the origin of the word refers to a used condom. Just don't use the word in public.
There is a manufacturer of RV generators called Cummins Onan, which induces smirks among some people.

Some people near and dear to me (they're family) have the surname Putz. So many European names were needlessly Americanized, but this one...I dunno. I would have been tempted.

Oh, that's weird. As a German speaker I saw the picture and thought 'plaster master - quite a good name, actually'. I didn't realise the word would have such a different meaning in Yiddish. I find that I can understand Yiddish conversations pretty well because it's so similar to German, but it just goes to show that you can never make assumptions...

Do you know about the Schwing? I remember looking out the Ask Jeeves office windows in Emeryville, watching construction crews working with this concrete pump system. http://www.schwing.com/01_cpumps/index.html We were highly amused.

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