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July 26, 2010


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Hey Nancy,

First, thanks for the plug and for crediting our photo. Very kind.

Second, we're definitely not anti-Shoup at The Expired Meter (www.theexpiredmeter.com).

In fact, we agree in principle with his views.

However, from my reading and understanding, is Mr. Shoup leans toward calculating and setting the cost of on street parking in a way that prices too many drivers off the street and injures local business.

Our view is a market based view, where you adjust the pricing to the point where the majority of the spaces are filled, but turnover is healthy enough to allow anyone who wants to park there to locate parking.

If too many spaces remain open, decrease pricing. If too many people are circling the block searching for parking, raise prices.

The key is to find a happy medium and ultimately, maximize customers for the stores where this street parking exists.

But thanks for the plug.

Parking Ticket Geek: Thanks for reading, commenting, and setting me straight. I've amended the post accordingly!

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