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July 12, 2010


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Fanta is very big in Papua New Guinea, which is sort of a client state of Australia -- much easier to find even than Coke. (Drinking bottled water is pretty much of necessity in PNG.) I never heard Fanta Pants, though.

Nigeria is another Fanta-rich country. Tea and Fanta are the beverages of choice, at least in the Northern, mostly Muslim regions.

To veer off on a tangent here, this point in the WP article amused me:

"In Spanish culture, a "Fantapayer" (pagafantas) is a man in love with a young woman who does not love him back. The phrase suggests always being the one paying for another's soft drink."

I love this type of word formation in Spanish, as with "lavaplatos" (dishwasher, lit. wash dishes), or the morphologically slightly more distant "paraguas" (umbrella, lit. for waters). Not to mention, of course, the generally bemused attitude that Latin culture reflects toward matters of the heart. :-)

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