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July 29, 2010


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I was amused by a reference a while back in the BBC TV comedy panel game "Have I got News for You" to the "One-legged Community".

One of the comedian-panellists, who happened to have a false leg, was asked by another if the one-legged community disliked Heather McCartney (this was shortly after the divorce from Sir Paul McCartney).

YES! Thanks for bringing up this word scourge. I have used the phrase "terminally offended community" and "humorless feminist community" to describe certain people who enjoy being upset.

Sometime of these communities have wristbands with a message. For those of us tired of silicon empowerment bracelets, mcphee.com has offered various bad attitude wristbands like irony, misanthrope, nihilism, ennui.

Yes! Wonderful post. Is there a more ambiguous word than community?

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