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June 14, 2010


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Debuting on Twitter just this afternoon, @thevuvuzelahorn picked up more than a thousand followers in its first seven hours. Be sure to go to the bottom and read the tweets from the beginning for the full effect.


I wonder how many of those 650,000 bloody useless noise-makers will end up rotating round the Pacific gyre. Just what the world needs; more plastic tat.

Thanks! Great word and timely post. It's helpful to learn all the points of view. Will the vuvuzela be banned?

A friend sent me a link to this article, which has a headline that sums things up rather neatly. http://bit.ly/38gpQV However, my African friends (and not just South Africans) are ticked off about all the criticism. To them, it's seems to be a symbol of African pride.

interesting but i would like to know the sound level produced by someone that can properly play the thing. and would banning them lead to a scare to symphony goers etc. we would have to start putting mics in trumbones, tubas, saxes etc. but some instruments dont sound right unless they are given the maximum air intake. no more boston pops on the fourth etc. or lets just put them in a bubble. i for one get sick being around smokers but i use to smoke so like most things in life its a catch 22. i would just try and be sensible. dont blow them during someone elses anthom and maybee toward the ground like emptying your spit valve. might actually get a better sound that way. if you are good at it try to not blow out your own ear drums from the pressure you are producing. sorry about my spelling.

try to all go to the left or right at once, maybee you can alter the flight of the ball at a crucial time in the match. have fun and practice alot.

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