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June 04, 2010


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An amusing and illuminating week about undergarments. Thanks! Regarding mantyhose. Soldiers in Afganistan were given native horses to ride and suffered much chaffing which was solved with ordinary ladies pantyhose sent by their families. Maybe now manthyhose is ordinary issue to special ops forces! Incidentally, as I am both tall and overweight, I had difficulty finding fishnet stockings that were long enough until I ordered them from a company that catered to clientele with special needs - cross dressers! After that I was on their mailing list for all kinds of eye opening products.

After seeing Jimmy Kimmel's "Handsome Men's Club" video, I thought Spanx for men was a joke:
(The whole thing is funny, but the Spanx make their appearance just past the 4-minute mark.)

Is it wrong that I like the name Equmen? Thumbs up to that, but as you might guess, thumbs down to HELIX-MAPPING™.

Also, I dearly hope that Nicholson Wooster has a Wodehouse-like nickname; Ninky, perhaps?

Jessica: I can't get past the idea that Equmen is for guys who are half-horse.

"Man Spanx" is so, um, awkward. I wonder why they didn't go for "Manx."

Hmm. "Ventalation" [sic] in the graphic... a coined word, or a typo?

Read more about the emergence of the mantyhose trend, and subtle glide toward the mainstream at The Nylon Gene (www.nylongene.com). It's a blog exploring and explaining the many benefits of men's legwear (tights, pantyhose, etc.) and how they're gaining acceptance from many men as they give it a try and see how they work.

Thanks for the insights on ManSpanx, too.

BTW, Nancy, thanks for the shout out to The Nylon Gene (www.nylongene.com). I didn't realize the mantyhose link was directed there when I made the previous comment.

Equmen is for "men who are half horse" - that was my first impression too!

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