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May 19, 2010


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Huh? Makes me think it's somehow sweat-proof.

"Superdry" sounds like a Japanese beer brand, in fact. Perhaps appropriate for clothes that wouldn't look out of place on a lager lout.

The Asahi Beer company of Japan in fact has a very popular beer named "Superdry" that it introduced in the 80's. Woundn't this be some kind of copyright infringement?

Nick: Brand names are covered by trademark law, not copyright. And unless the British company Supergroup decides to sell beer with the Superdry label, it's unlikely any regulatory body would have a problem with the many Superdry trademark filings with the USPTO for clothing and accessories. Different international TM classes; no conflict.

I'm not familiar with Superdry beer, but a survey of the USPTO database reveals that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries won U.S. trademark registration for Superdry machine tools back in 2002.

Nancy :Thanks for the insight. Now I see. It's as if the name or term "Superlight" were used for products. Then we could have Superlight beer, clothes or steel without a trademark conflict .

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