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May 26, 2010


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I gather the ads are aimed at women and women love ads with horses, especially "white" horses. (They are mostly grey horses.) I will always look at an ad with horses, even if I don't actually notice the product itself.

Panavia: I'm a woman, and I've never had the slightest interest in horses of any color, on TV or anywhere else.

Well, I am a woman and terribly interested in horses. If you never had the "If I had a pony" fantasy a child you are immune to it's charms. Obviously I don't count in the sense that I have always owned, studied and loved horses, but I've read that women like to see ads with animals but not reptiles. I'm sure those particular Old Spice and Bing commercials are aimed at women. Maybe I am wrong. Meanwhile, on one of the equestrian blogs that I follow we had an animated discussion about children in advertising with food smeared faces. The opinion was 100% against such photos. We all found it icky to see or an unpleasant reminder of a mess that needed to be cleaned. So I can say that women who love horses and read equestrian blogs hate picture of children with messy faces.
If I'm reading a magazine I will always pause at an ad that features animals (or reptiles) even if I forget the product after turning the page. If I see a kid with food on it's face, I tear out the page. Such advertising must work or they wouldn't do it, but I don't know anyone who likes it. The manipulations and machinations of advertising...

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