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May 13, 2010


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Teenflo isn't just "teens who go with the flo" -- it sounds like a program for "starter" menstrual napkins.

You know, like 'iPad'.

This brings up the question: Is there an actual store called X + Y or X & Y? If not, someone ought to snap up X + Y (think chromosomally) as a geek-oriented men's clothing store name.

Comic book T-shirts, Order of the Stick mugs, and Star Trek underwear as far as the eye can see.

Thank god you explained. I thought it was a beginner's maxipad.

I never heard of Teenflo until I read your post. My first thought was "tampons for teens".

Trochee, Barry, and Panavia: My original post (October 2009) raised the same objection. I guess the link wasn't obvious enough; here it is again: http://bit.ly/3e8VuF

4ndyman: I'm not aware of a store called "X + Y" (which doesn't mean it doesn't exist). However, I've written about YOOX, the Bologna-based e-tailer whose name has the same rationale. According to YOOX, "The name itself reveals the personality of YOOX.COM: Y and X, the male and female chromosomes, flank the ‘zero’ from the binary code, the fundamental language of the digital age." Link to my April 2008 post about YOOX and other bad fashion-brand names: http://bit.ly/a3HIPN

One of my favorite X+Y brands, Chloe & Patek, seems to have gone under. They made excellent handbags.

Crate & Barrel
Linens and Things
Barnes & Noble

The binomial name seems popular everywhere, as you note about Sears et al. (per the infallible Wikipedia, originally Sears, Roebuck, & Co. -- ?) How many restaurant names do you suppose follow this pattern?

Are there trinomials as well? Bed, Bath & Beyond is the only one that comes immediately to mind. If you use actual names, you'd probably sound like law-firm-ish, tho.

Mike: Look for an X & Y restaurant post very soon! As for trinomials, I'm stuck on BB&B, too. My favorite variation, via "The Simpsons": a gun store called "Bloodbath and Beyond."

The sheer number of names on the list of binomials is evidence of their lack of distinctiveness. They just bore me.

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