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April 01, 2010


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If they give him any flack, he can just paint over the "d" with an "S", and say it's his initials. Using your own legal name is a defense against trademark infringement, isn't it? Can't a person named McDonald open a McDonald's restaurant? Maybe not! As I sometimes tell my clients, "I'm not a lawyer."

Maybe that bodybuilder is about to take a nice tray of hot cookies out of the oven, and he has his oven mitts on.

I would say the passage of time since Mr. Shields opened his place strongly suggests that Gold's Gym isn't too troubled by God's Gym. I, however, am profoundly troubled by the funnels the God's Gym icon is wearing.

What in God's name happened to that poor fellow's hands?! Divine punishment for groping in the showers? Is this a cautionary image?

Maybe the triangles on his hands came off of the G's in "Gold's Gym" ?

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