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April 09, 2010


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I've got another Washington shibboleth for you: Puyallup, home of the state fair. It's pronounced pew-(as in skunk)-Al-(as in Gore)-up. So hard to pronounce that even my in-laws, in Seattle since 1984, still can't do it.
Interesting that SQM is pronounced "Sequim" but the computer database language SQL is pronounced "sequel." Or not. YMMV.

Jessica: The MSDN post also mentions Enumclaw and Tulalip as examples of Washington shibboleths.

My favorite Bay Area shibboleth is Suisun. As an L.A. native, I had no idea how to pronounce it when I moved up here.

I still have bad dreams about my first encounter with the traffic sign for pedestrian crossing in California(called a "crosswalk" in many areas): "PED XING". What did it mean? How should I say it? What was a "PED"? Are they X-ing or is it a zing? NO PED XING? What a relief!!

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