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April 27, 2010


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I don't see why Apple hasn't fallen upon the simpler and more powerful "Infinite Applications." The double-meaning of "applications" (uses and software) packs a double-fisted (maybe even bare-knuckled?) wallop in only two words.

I should've been in advertising.

On second thought, maybe the ad in the picture is actually a warning of the Terminator-esque times to come:

For the Android App: Hungry Masses. (If you see a "How to Serve Humans" app pop up, start worrying.)

Just saw this today: Android Phones Surpass iPhone in Web Traffic

I'm convinced that this "short-hand" English which has emerged with time-sensitive social media instruments is problematic on a number of levels. It is faux-language at its best. Those who have been encouraged to adopt it are being cheated from the use of a medium (the English language) which allows for personal expression, unique humor, passionate commentary and colorful description. To the contrary, it provides a faux-language which is more a template than anything else. OMG, ths is so wrng 4 U. LOL.


This isn't an outgrowth of social media. Advertisers and, probably more so, newspaper headline writers have been screwing with us like this for ages.

Unless you're talking specifically about those LOL abbreviations 4 tweeps 2 condense thr thots. But OMG, that isn't even mentioned in this post.

I think it would actually be "For the Android app--hungry masses" where the dash is an n-dash (like with Pulitzer Prize--winning). Oh, dashes are hard to communicate in plain text. I couldn't even parse it, the way the sign is, though.

Yes, I am a copyeditor by profession. Why do you ask? :)

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