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March 10, 2010


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There are still a few AE plurals out there, e.g., antennae, minutiae, Obamae, etc.

I've lived in the Twin Cities almost my entire life (and have visited Gaviidae many times), but I never knew about the loon connection. I always figured Gaviidae was named after some old French or Norwegian guy, like everything else around here. Ya learn something new every day, you betcha!

Me, I thought Gaviscon, but I'm warped.

Hmmm, '-ae' ending.... The one that immediately comes to mind: sundae. I think I need to do something about my sweet tooth....

By the way, I'd never encountered the word Gaviidae before, but I'm not an ornithologist. I can barely tell a sparrow apart from a finch!

As a native Michigander I can say that all throughout the Northern Midwest there is a bewildering mix of place names,languages,spellings, some simply made up. As Michellegerner suggests "Gaviidae" might be able to survive there simply because many other names are a bit "odd" also.

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