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February 03, 2010


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In my experience, the people in LinkedIn writers' groups range from the nearly illiterate to the extremely talented. It is bizarre to see them interact.

The writer might mean he can't even get a polite brush off? But I suspect you're right, he means "attention".

"Get much of any" is a regionalism, colloquial usage in the Eastern US and Midwest. Reminds me of my Chicagoan Dad, who said that, and "I shoulda stood in bed".

Harmonic convergence? This post also refers to Pancake Tuesday. http://bit.ly/dx4lwL.

There is the extremely slim possibility that the author could have meant that he or she got no penance from their publisher, haha.

Interesting that in ye olde days, one had to do penance before absolution was granted. My theology is very weak, but I wonder whether in the more modern system one is absolved if, for example, one has performed one's weekly confession and has been assigned (e.g.) a rosary, but one meets with an unfortunate end before accomplishing this penance. Is the absolution valid? Does one meet ones maker with the words "I was _on my way_ to doing penance when I was hit by lightning!"

And whilst I am in a rambling mood (which is always), your post makes me muse what specific profession the Shrivers were engaged in historically, which in turn makes me think that an excellent source (tho perhaps not in this case) for learning about medieval professions is "The Canterbury Tales."

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