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February 17, 2010


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Thanks, Nancy. I'd never seen "anticipointment" before, but it's now my new favorite word! Its meaning is so clear, and I've been dealing wordlessly with it for so long!

I was just going to say the same thing! Anticipointment should be a real word. Maybe those word-of-the-year people can all get together? They seem to have a lot of inflout.

Perspelligent! Thank you.

'Pizzly' is not obvious -- surely a necessary attribute for a newly-coined portmanteau? -- and it's unnecessary.

The word in common usage is 'grolar bear'. A google search shows 28,000+ hits for 'grolar' and 12,800 for 'pizzly'. I suggest it's clear why the first is most popular.

Snacktrition makes me think of snacking followed by contrition, but then I was raised Catholic.

Hi Nancy, thanks for sharing this very well written article. These pictures are great, 'Tanknology' was my favorite. I have seen the same banners of State Farm Company in others cities as well.

Hi Nancy, thanks for posting my husband's poem. The listed the title wrong on the website at first. The poem is actually "Portmanterrorism" which makes more sense. We enjoyed all the Portmanteaus you found!

Thank you, Vicky. I've corrected the title. It's a wonderful poem and you're right--the title makes much more sense this way!

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