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February 04, 2010


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Nice, even with a full post on our name - we won't tell you where it came from. So, don't rumple your jingle, even if it wangles your bundle. All I can say is Welcome to the Tungle!

CEO & Founder

Hi Nancy,

First off, thanks so much for the Post.

You should know that I'm 2 days into the gig of VP Marketing at Tungle, so this blog post is quite timely for me. I have no personal ownership over the brand yet (although give me a month or two and I certainly will), so I take no offense to the post...This comment is not to serve as a rebuttal, in fact, the opposite. I want to thank you for helping to spread the Tungle love. I think you may be over-thinking this one. Tungle is a fun and whimsical brand that our users tend to really love and engage with. I appreciate your perspective, but really, it's not our fault....Twitter was taken as was Google, Yelp, Flicker, Tumblr, Yahoo and Bing.

Thanks again,

Jonathan Levitt
VP Marketing, Tungle Corp.

My first reaction when I heard the Tungle name was a resounding "ugh"

Marc and Jonathan: Thanks for visiting and commenting. As I took pains to make clear, I'm not criticizing your product. I do feel that your name--with its unfortunate sound-associations--does your brand a disservice. And "all the domains were already taken" is no excuse: I've helped dozens of clients find memorable, appropriate, available names *and* domains.

As for "overthinking"--that's my job description!

The logo looks like an ice-ax to me ( http://images.google.com/images?q=ice+ax ), which -- being the political-literary sort -- makes me think more of Trotsky's unfortunate demise. Oh hey - Trotsky starts with T too. If Trotsky's Death were starting a web 2.0 site I would be psyched to use EXACTLY that T.

No amount of quirky marketing or erudite explanation is going to cure the tongue-tangling first impression.

Thanks a TON for your analysis.
The branding package, specifically the name and logo, is awkward at best.
I wonder if the inside joke has something to do with the noun,"tun," a brewer's fermenting vat of beer or wine. Certainly, something or someone was fermented when they arrived at this solution!

"Tungol" is Old English for "star".

Thank you, Neal! Yes, that clears everything up.

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for the interesting posts.
What's the matter with North Americans using other countries' domains? Do you know any American using the .us domain? :-)

Luca: Yes, some American companies use the .us domain, often to create a verb phrase. Example: www.spot.us, the community-funded journalism site.

Tungle: first impression, they are a manufacturing company- tungsten must be involved. That's a naive logo, not very finished looking.

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