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February 11, 2010


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The last Valentine
Crumpled beneath the loveseat:
"Let's always be friends."

The dark, lonely part of me hopes that Sears will day-by-day build this up to a cynical view of love, loneliness, and Valentine's Day by the 14th. Each day, a pile of mail grows: circulars, bills, junk mail, but no personal correspondence, no valentines. A phone with an answering machine that always registers zero messages. CDs with songs of love lost -- Elvis Costello, Counting Crows, Pink Floyd's "The Wall," "Frank Sinatra Sings for the Lonely. It culminates on V-Day morning, when a suicidal mannequin hangs himself above his leather loveseat, now on sale inside.

But that's the dark, lonely side of me. The realist in me thinks that someone just didn't get to finish the display before it was time to go home.

Huis Clos. High school Advanced French angst. That's what it brings to my mind.

How poignant. Poor Oakland... Hope our Mayor is listening. Are you there, Mayor Dellums? Hello???

I thought that the Father's Day window was a fluke, but this is an inspirational masterpiece. I'm starting to wonder about Mother's Day and Easter. Oh,and what a great hyku! I love the last line. I got kinda sniffy after the first reading.

Valentine's window–
Loveless loveseat. Muzak plays:
"A Cottage for Sale."

i actually like it. they're being honest. nobody's buying much and if they do it's second hand or "needs" only.

honesty :)


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