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February 02, 2010


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The photo in that news story features a Congressman called Cummings and a footballer called B.J. It's almost too much. Spunk! Fitness might as well go the whole hog and use a slogan like "As fit as a sperm!"

Wish I'd thought of that headline.

A fine headline, indeed, but I appreciated the John McIntyre tweet about the name: "Do you remember what Lou Grant said about it?"

The answer: "I hate spunk!"

Geez, even a trademark lawyer with a dirty mind could've helped avoid this one. Not to mention that the ejaculatory exclamation point really rams the message home.

Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

Lou Grant on "spunk." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNyj4FV56JY

Make sure you wipe down the equipment THOROUGHLY before using it.

Too many bad jokes available here...the swimming classes...the annual Easter egg hunt..."self-guided" fitness plans...the "Funky Spunk!" kids club...jizzercise classes...the news headline "Spunk Explodes on the Local Exercise Scene"...

I think my head may explode.

Maybe it's a workout place for porn stars.
I have a pretty raunchy sense of humor, but never used spunk in - ahem - that context. I use spunky all the time to describe pluckiness, etc. In fact I have two funny hens name Spunky and Plucky.
Keep 'em coming! ...oops.

Sorry, cannot resist:

"And what's up with Mr. Spunky... he'd trail me into the locker room and pump me full..."

... of spunk?

Nancy, there's a housecleaning company in Seattle that uses the slogan "Cleaning with Spunk". Nuff said.

Why is everyone assuming they WANTED to avoid the raunchy sense of the word? Or were unaware of it?

In the UK until recently (prior to the US influence) there was ONLY the sexual connotation.

I can remember back in the 60's, when a cowboy films would come out with a line like, "that woman's full of spunk", the cinema audience -- particularly we teenage boys -- would erupt in laughter. It was almost as bad when someone's 'fanny' was referred to.

I guess you American's laughed just as loudly when a British film had some character wanting a 'fag'.

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