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January 15, 2010


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Thanks for Gene Weingarten's wonderful column. I have relatives who write all their e-mails in capital letters. I always feel they are yelling at me. Fortunately, they generally don't swear much.

I once lived in a tract with streets all named for places in Ireland, so while I didn't live ON Erin, I lived close to it. (That got included as an honorable mention, I guess, since as far as I know, "Erin" is just the Anglicized Irish name for Ireland, not an actual place name there.)

Quick note from a Canuck on The Beaver and the Walrus. I Tweeted you the "Wally and the Beave" line after I got it straight from the editor of the Walrus. I assume it's an inside joke at their magazine - which has a fairly small circulation. "Canada's Best Magazine" was/is my opinion, not an official tagline. Cheers.

Thanks, DenVan. I commandeered "Wally and the Beav" because it's so darn good. Thanks! ("Beav" is how the nickname was always spelled in connection with "Leave It to Beaver.") And "Canada's Best Magazine" appears on The Walrus's site right next to the date, so I took it for at least a semi-official tagline.

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