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January 21, 2010


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To be fair, a lot (not "allot") of Web sites are operated by people whose first language is not English. On the other hand, it's not too much to expect that such people would have an English speaker proof-read their copy before going "live".

The site is clearly the work of a 12-year-old, published from his (or her -- but probably his) bedroom.

Leaving aside the language-related errors, the design and layout are basic and unimaginative (probably template-derived), and such things as the aspect ratio error (these are DVD boxes which are tall, not CD cases which are square) shows that the originator is struggling to cope with the technology.

However, having said that, he wants to operate in the real world rather than high school so, quite rightly, you should not make allowances.

Brief to writer: We'd like you to sell our product but without resorting to the full stop. Use any punctuation other than the full stop - comma, exclamation mark or none at all, we don't care.

The dot, being part of our name is an important element of our brand so if you must use dots outside of the name MovieHD.net, you must only use them in groups of three. For further information, refer to our house style guide.

"Proofread" has no hyphen.

Just sayin' :)

I've noticed that the period more and more is punctuata non grata in commercial usage. Except when used for design effect only, as in a Chevy Camaro ad in Dwell, whose entire copy reads "Finessed and furious." Which really deserves a grammatical spanking on its own.

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