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January 04, 2010


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If you put the emphasis on "pis" it could be the name of a fish-worshiping cult.

I guess they chose Rapiscan because Peniscan was already taken. Just be glad they weren't developing this technology for Wang Laboratories.

this is a very stupid post, who cares what the name of the "brand" is. it is technology that could potentially save lives. what are you doing with your life? making pis and rape jokes? hmmm ...

Heh, Nancy. I see you don't moderate the trolls in your comments.

Brand names are important. Brands have gained customers with a good name, lost customers with a bad one. Happily, however, most people will never read the brand name on the airport scanner; they'll be too busy removing their shoes, belt, watch, and keys; bemoaning the loss of that precious bottle of water; or wondering whether the scanner is showing off their celullite to the other travelers.

(Lewis Carroll is also resonsible for coining "gallumphing" :-)

Thanks, Vicki. By the way, your own company name--Canta Forda Computer Laboratory--is simply brilliant (and very funny).

That was a lovely Jabberwocky riff!

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