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December 11, 2009


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Another terror/military-related: WMD

For me "blog" (including Facebook,My Space,Twitter Etc.) sticks out head and shoulders above the rest as not only a word (noun and verb)but also as a force that is defining our present and future.
Do those not blogging on the internet really exist? Will the fate of health care and Tiger Woods be determined by bloggers?

"Terrorism. Before September 11, 2001, the word was only occasionally part of the national discourse" - you must be very young. Terrorism, as in assassinations and hijackings, occupied first-pages of the global media throughout the 70's. You are either too young to remember, didn't care at the time, or are trying to diminish the legitimacy of the word in today;s context. Love your blog; can't stand your forays into geopolitcs.

And since Obama and his administration have been frequently referred to as “excellent and transparent mass communicators” and considering the impact he's going to have on - at least - the rest of this decade, I would nominate a few of the Orwellian pearls The One came up with:

1) “Overseas contingency operations” to replace “war on terror” (an idiocy from the previous adminsitration; the meaning is "war on Islamism")

2) “Man-caused disasters” for “acts of terror.” The only phrase in the last 2 decades where those listing to port don't seem to have an issue with the sexist overtones.

3) “'Persons” whom the president “has the authority to detain'” - formerly "enemy combatants.

Here is to Transparency!

My comment on profiling vanished...so just in case, once again: what is the following statment based on? "when terrorism suspects were sometimes identified based on presumed group characteristics". I can tell you no profiling is taking place at airports - where it should. I personally should not be considered a terrrorism suspect, but I am. Why? Because WE DO NOT PROFILE!

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