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December 07, 2009


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Not being a sports guy, I never knew that the word was used this way. My first thought is the pilothouse sense. Then if I'd reflected on it I might have thought of the railroad use. Never would I have associated it with sports. Neat usage, though.

I started seeing it a lot in crossword blogs. "This puzzle was right in my wheelhouse" = there were all sorts of references to things I know about.

when i was looking for the origins i didn't notice the railyard sense. it seems a good one.

what fascinated me was the eventual shift from *IT'S* in my wheelhouse, to *I'M* in my wheelhouse. i noted it a while later.


There are in fact internal links in the Word Detective page, but they aren't obvious. Yry this link: http://www.word-detective.com/060704.html#wheelhouse

Thanks, Alan!

about 73 seconds ago a character on Scrubs said "this isn't my wheelhouse" referring to a situation that doesn't suit her strengths (being sensitive to patients' needs).

whether it's the "it's in___" and "i'm in___" template is ambiguous. but that's how 'wheelhouse' can switch function in the metaphors: different speakers/hearers interpret the phrase differently and go on to use it differently.

ok, now it's been a little more than 73 seconds since the line.

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