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December 28, 2009


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Not sure what your feelings are on whether this is a good or bad thing-- and for whom, but its clearly a derogatory term for this genre. With this definition, isn't anyone that writes a blog that describes their life, thoughts, opinions, experience writing "schtick lit"? That would mean almost everyone that has a blog. I've noticed that its the literary "professionals" that take most offense to this approach to this genre of writing, not the general public. Who's to judge? And why is there a backlash? I think the publishing industry and many writers are in a time warp trying and mindset to uphold some idea of what 'real writing' or a book is supposed to be. The whole attitude is pretty arrogant. As a musician I'm not criticizing others for their genre of music. I respect them as an artist, and yes, some people also want to earn a living. Why is that so wrong as long as those that are buying it receive value from it. The fact is that the industry IS changing, because of the influence of social media, and internet. Everyone has the 'power', a voice through their own blog, Facebook or UTUBE etc. This is an example of scarcity thinking, that there is only so much pie and we're all in competition. Traditional media including publishers and 'real authors' need to realize the industry is changing, accept it, and not be so critical of others who just want to have a voice in the world! Thanks for reading. There is plenty of space, money, time, energy, and love for us all to share. Let's play nice together :-)

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