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December 02, 2009


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OK, I live in a region where people actually would pronounce "Haat" that way, and I still pictured it like someone whining "hat" in an annoying nasally voice. It also suggests "hate." Nothing about this name gives me a warm, fuzzy, open-walleted feeling.

Meanwhile, what about this?


Apparently it's supposed to be pronounced "Q," but that's now how I pronounce Q-U-E. Who wants to name their product the "What?"?

In northern part of India, the made-up word "Haat", is also pronounced and considered as "Hot". So who knows, the clothing line designer had this concept in mind. However, the name is really thought-provoking and nice making many to speculates differently, I believe! "Haat" can not more mean as "Village" but "Cottage" for sure!

Durr. I MEANT TO SAY that I live where people would pronounce "HEART" that way.

Sanskrit haṭṭaḥ "market, fair"

Actually, the quirky capitalization of HaaT might be more than just brandese. The Sanskrit word has a retroflex stop, which is written with a capital T when it can't be written the traditional way (with a dot underneath). However, there's no reason for the double A.

I love the name HaaT, not least because it instantly makes me think 'heart'.

@Speeding Offence: Ah, that's because you're in the UK. I look at it and hear a drawn-out, slightly whiny "hat."

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