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December 17, 2009


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My son has a t-shirt of a grad throwing his mortarboard in the air. Caption: Thank you, Wikipedia.

I wholeheartedly agree with all your choices. As an afterthought I might add "Blackwater Security" in the catagory of military service providers.
Also I love your use of the"oos" as a way of mentioning 2000-2009. It reminds me of "The Ooze" from Dungeons and Dragons. A giant blob that represents a time where we were dragged into a war and economic disaster.

In the 'bad old days' you could also buy cosmetics from Avon. For over a 100 years you could, and still can. Samples are free. (Yes, I'm a former Avon rep.)

Thanks for the reminder, @MMand. And let's not forget Mary Kay, either.

I think Etsy could be added to this list but it's still relatively new. In any case, it will definitely be on the next list- it's brilliant!

@Lindsey: Check back on Dec. 22, when I'll post my Brands of the Year list!

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