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November 17, 2009


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Wow thanks for the shout-out Nancy. Deeply honoured. This linkfest thing is a great idea - and ever so much more generous than the "greatest hits" approach I'm taking this week. (Note to self: practice what you preach)

You also remind me that my 3-part chicken sandwich series was SUPPOSED to be a 4-part series, so I'll have to get around to that as well. Blogwork is never done.

But you made it a bit brighter today. Thanks again!

Oh, thanks for clearing up that double boxcars thing. I forgot to look it up -- I started reading old Herb Caen essays and lost track of what I was thinking about.

Nancy, thanks for including Operative Words in your banquet of links. I didn't realize that my permalinks weren't displaying. They are now. Pretty soon, I'll have to hire you for PR and tech support!

Thank you Nancy! It's very kind of you to link to my post on 'awesome'; I hope your readers like it too. In the meantime I have been enjoying these other links. Your collections of fake Simpsons brands are wonderful!

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