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November 24, 2009


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Cool. I'm grateful for one medium-length brand: Fritinancy.

AFAR is the best of the lot by far. A scent is rising / wafting / filling the room. Bare: well covered.

Qooq is not completely done all the way through for me. It scans as "Kook" or because of the repeated letter forms as "Qoq".

Of course, A Scent also comes off as "assent"--which can be good news or bad news, depending on who's responding to the scent.

Thanks for the post! I studied linguistics, french and english (I am Venezuelan) Miyake has always been playful with words and the fact that he said he "is willing to design even with words" gained my respect. a scent !! I love it!
He released years ago "L'EAU D'ISSEY" (all capitals on purpose this time) and it's french for "Issey's water" but when you say it it sounds like L'odyssey... that was 10 years ago, it still is my scent nowadays... :)

@Leo: Thanks for that information. I'd wondered whether "L'eau d'Issey" had a second meaning; it doesn't sound close enough to English "odyssey" for me to have made the connection. I can hear it in French, though!

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