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October 28, 2009


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This one rocks. I saw the original Tweet from @MrWordsworth, but with this post you really put a stake through it, held up the garlic, and bashed it in the head with a shovel (all good things by the way).

I just discovered Regretsy - totally fun.

I was thinking of you because I was at a coffeeshop just now, and a group was clearly 2 owners of a small business talking with their (new, it appeared) marketing consultants. They were discussing a "z" in the name, and it became apparent that instead of a pluralizing "s" at the end, they have a "z" instead. One of the owners said herself, it bothered her every time she saw it because it looks like a misspelling, but when they tried to get the web site, the one with "s" was taken so they changed it to a "z". Now the marketing team is working on making the "z" imply fun (which, incidentally, seems appropriate given what the company does).

Ah, naming for small businesses...

@Kim: Have you seen my post about "Z" in brands (or brandz)? Bratz, Gripz, Koolerz, Trollz ... http://bit.ly/cqczJ

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