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October 23, 2009


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Eureka! That's why this brand drives me nuts: it looks to me like a hybrid of Evenflo, as you point out, and Teenform, the brand of the very first bra I ever wore. Not to mention that anything with "flo" in it immediately makes me think of "Sure-Flo," the catheter company hawked by Catherine O'Hara's husband in "A Mighty Wind."

No idea, but maybe "Martin" was a typo for the French name "Martine," which does end with the "teen" sound.

@Jessica: I'd forgotten all about Teenform. Thanks for the reminder (I think...).

@Karen: It's certainly possible that two women, Martine and Florence, started the company. But I prefer not to assume an error. Not while Maurice is missing in action.

I think Martin, Florence and Maurice had been drinking too much Beaujolais Nouveau when they came up with the name (perhaps that accounts for Maurice's disappearance, too). Teenflo is clearly only suitable as a descriptor for a training sanitary napkin for 12-year-olds. Do you give a Frititrophy for Best Worst Brand Names?

No idea why they've kept the name, but there is an even worse Canadian apparel brand: the retailer Fairweather has a line called Majora.

I've seen it in their stores, but there is precious little info on the Net. And Fairweather's site is hopelessly bad. But here's a link anyway:


What were they thinking??

@Sherry: I confess my first reaction was, "They named a store after Majora Carter?" http://www.majoracartergroup.com/

And then ... ohhhh. Oh dear.

They could do a spinoff for preteens called Minora.

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