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September 28, 2009


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I remember "gubbins" from my childhood. We left England when I was 5, but the old words lingered. I'm surprised that Wordnet didn't include Alan Coren's favourite word for that sort of thing: "wossname". As in, "pass me that wossname, thingy, fat handle, pointed end." Short, of course, for "what'-its-name" but one would never sound that out in full.

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for linking back from your excellent blog - I'm glad I managed to introduce you to a new word.

It seems like something of an indulgence for us to have so many ways to say "other things", but I love the colourfulness of words like these.

For instance, my grandmother uses "doodah". I'm not sure it's an officially-recognised term, but I like it!

Thanks again,


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