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August 03, 2009


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Olive Garden could be cut down to The Garden.

Hey, the Carphone Warehouse seems to be trucking along ok in the UK.

Why not go all the way: Pot, Hop, Cold, Hid, Hols, Cab?
That's what we'll call them anyway.

The Frit?

Nancy, great topic and post!

This whole re-branding obsession with truncation is fascinating and raises interesting trademark issues (http://www.duetsblog.com/articles/truncation-1/), I wonder how many other "Shacks" out there happen to sell electronic devices and might take issue with the planned truncation?

I also wonder if the famous basketball personality who appeared in commercials for Radio Shack is behind the change, oh, maybe not that would have been spelled differently: The Shaq!

Last, as the post in the above link shows, Holiday Inn apparently thought that the six-letter "The Inn" was too long and opted for the shorter one-letter H.

@Steve: Holiday Inn revised its logo earlier this year to emphasize the "H," but its name, legally and informally, is still "Holiday Inn." (At least until they chop it down to "The Inn"...)

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