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July 03, 2009


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Wonderful! The websites are all a must. Reading for a rainy day: "Hunting Hogs with Rocks"," Squad Bonding that Sticks", "Dien Bien Phu","Your Obsession is our Profession", Does Size Matter?", "The End of the Wristwatch." Thank you.

Nice tapestry indeed. And you're right, Nancy - 'skirmish' is a great word. A couple of weeks ago I saw that very magazine in a local shop; its name made me wonder if it was a historical re-enactment magazine, and it was! Evidently a well-chosen name.

Free speech is wonderful, isn't it. Thanks so much for a reminder on this Independence Day....

I'm over Primitive Archer and have now moved on to Sophisticated and Urbane Archer . . . But seriously, these rock. And yes, I finally yielded to your entreaties and ordered The Enthusiast. In paper, not Kindle, because I have a feeling I'll be sharing this one.
Happy Fourth!

An array for the day, thank you!

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