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July 13, 2009


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Off on a tangent: You mentioned the "five senses." Did you know we have more than the five everybody thinks of? And I'm not talking ESP or X-files stuff here; they're really quite normal.

Besides the standard five--sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch--we also have the following senses: balance, pain, location and motion of our body parts, temperature differences, and time.

Some people appear to have a sense of direction (that is, an internal compass; my wife is one of these people), and some have been able to teach themselves a sort of echo-location, like bats use.

Seattle's own 5 Spot restaurant is located at a familiar intersection where five streets come together. It's a wonderful place. http://www.chowfoods.com/five/

This trend of number-naming is just depressing. The world of words is being shoved aside enough as it is. When it comes to evoking sensual pleasure (like eating) we really need to stick to words. # remind me of those silly made up "CRX" "SLR" car names.
Enough with reduction already!

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