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June 08, 2009


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Wow! Happy! Thanks! I was the very first person to look up my own name and had fun checking out all the sections. My next word to look up in Wordnik is "maven." Thanks again!

I looked up "jazz" this morning, and it Wordnik told me I could expect to see that word about once a year. Can that possibly be?

@Amy: Erin told me they're still working out the bugs in the frequency statistics.

So it's a kind of wiki, yes?

@Jon: Kind of a demi-wiki, yes. Some content is user-generated, some isn't.

Like Nick, my first thought was WOW! So that's what I looked up, and I am even more wowed! I always considered Erin McKean to be amazing, but Wordnik is truly exceptional. Thank you so much for letting us all know about it, plus giving us some of the inside scoop.

@Nancy: I think you should submit Samuel Johnson's famous definition of lexicographer.

Wow indeed! I showed it to my eldest, who entered "doppelganger," her favorite word, and she was tickled with the results. This is an online resource I'll be happy to let the kids use - not to mention its potential utility for trademark searching!

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