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June 12, 2009


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You'd think something called Fecal Face would refrain from using the phrase "content-rich."

It is a fine name if you want to telegraph the idea of crappy work or drunken artists. Or perhaps it's about lowering expectations so that things turn out better than anticipated.

The plotz thickens.

"Did he arrive at his final selection by process of elimination?"

Funny line! I've ended up on the Fecal Face website several times over the years. It always strikes me as an interesting hub with a wide range of art stories. The name makes me neither gag nor giggle, which is probably down to several factors.

"Fecal Face" is a crude name, but its alliteration lends it euphony if you're not caught on its denotation. Whether equanimity is the source of the "cool" you mention depends on what you mean by "cool"; to me the word has several meanings, some of which have contradictory connotations. Context usually makes it clear, but I want to allow for a possible transatlantic disparity!

Another possible reason I don't mind "Fecal Face", this one more speculative, is that I was inured to the sound of the word from an early age, because Feakle is a townland in County Clare in the west of Ireland. (There are several theories about the origin of the place name.)


the name's john trippe and 'poo' is his cat. next time i'd do more homework before you blog. (not that getting the name of the owner/creator of ffdg should be much of a homework assignment since it's all over the site...)


Spend a little time and you might even find out that poo is a cat and john is his name...nice work, nicki. you've got a bright future!!!

hey nancy...cheers on developing a new name for the subject of your post. research, how sophomoric.

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