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June 05, 2009


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Non Sequitur

I enjoy reading your blogs about words and PR, but entries like this sour my interest on the whole. A private university can establish rules and expect its students to abide by them, certainly when these rules are in line with the institution's stated beliefs and mission. Students do not enter into such environments blind. And it matters not what people outside the university think - the rules are not for them. Additionally, as a lover of words, you should know that liberty has more than one definition. Liberty as a Christian term, as well as liberty in an autonomous nature, make the name appropriate for such a school.

Wow, after reading the unbelievably burdensome and restrictive (and unenforceable, in many cases) licensing and use requirements for that "most revered symbol," I'd say that at least in the field of intellectual property law, a more accurate motto would be "Knowledge Extinguished."

Given that Liberty University was created by Jerry Falwell, of whose other progeny it was often said "The Moral Majority is Neither," it's appropriate that Lib U also has a Holy Roman Empire name.

"Knowledge Aflame" is perfect since, I assume, Lib U has a large incinerator in place of a library. "Ignorance is Strength" would also do.

Qualification U. They have qualified the chapter's charter, but since students hope to amass qualifications with a degree, the name may placate those who prefer education in the form of indoctrination.

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